Preferential consideration to those with some prior herbal training/experience, garden skills and an excellent work ethic. In your letter please include details about your prior herbal experience, a couple of references, why you are interested, what sort of non-herbal skills you have to offer and what you currently do with your time. Also, please explain how easy it would be for you to travel/stay on SSI on a semi-regular basis (we currently cannot provide accomodations).

"I had the pleasure of being Jasmyn and Kevin's apprentice, from which my herbal learning greatly benefited. Working hands-on alongside such knowledgeable folks (and their most wise dog) was a learning experience that could never be simulated in an academic setting. Not only did I get to ask as many questions as I could come up with, I got to learn in-depth medicine making techniques, work with a wide variety of herbs growing in the garden, went wildcrafting, and had a door opened into a broader community of North American herbalists."
P.J., Victoria, BC

We will post on the announcements page when there is an opening.