From time immemorial, herbal apprenticeships offer a traditional approach to hands-on learning. Apprentices pay $1000 and receive at least 33 days of instruction, spread over 12 months. We offer an immersion in formulating, dispensing, wildcrafting, cultivating and creating medicine from herbs. Apprentices are expected to be reliably hard workers, punctual, tidy, and clear in their goal to expand their herbal knowledge. We also like participants to be willing to do tasks we need done, while trusting we will do our best to offer a well rounded wealth of information.

Generally apprenticeships last one year, at one or two set days per week. Start dates vary, but the summer is always the busiest, with much time spent in the garden. We generally have 2 or 3 apprentices at a time. There is a trial period of four days at the beginning, where we are all able to assess the fit. Apprenticeships are a little like family, except you get to choose your teachers and your participants!

Written letters of interest (not email) can be sent to: P.O. Box 60 Fulford Harbour Post Office, Salt Spring Island,, Tsawout Territory, V8K 1Y7, Canada