• Your hours in whichever class you take, would count towards membership in the CHA or AHG, if you choose to go that route.
  • When we discussed this new project, it became apparent to Maryann and me that there will likely be some of you much more ready to do clinic than others. This will likely inform what type of class we do and when. The more advanced among you will likely be trained up first, so that you can start supervised clinic as soon as Spring 2017. And probably you'd be in a class that looks like #2, as soon as we can get it rolling, so that you're ready.
  • Clinic: our plan is to host you at the Wellness Center 2-3 consecutive days, once per month. How many months? Don't know yet. At least 6. Days will be long, like 9-5 or 10-5. If we think you're ready, you will take some of your own clients off our massive diverse wait list, and you will be supervised while they are under your care. When you have completed clinic those clients will transfer to me or to Maryann. We expect to take about 3 students at a time, per day of clinic. The most advanced among you can start shadowing for full weeks of clinic, in addition to the structured days with a group of students. Supervised Clinic will cost $10-15 per hour.

Please have your letter and reference to me via snail mail or email (but not Facebook message) before August 28/ 2016. Thanks, Jasmyn