• You probably want to know many more details. While this is perfectly reasonable, I can't offer them right now. If you trust me to deliver a great course, and you have noticed that I and the other teachers at the school are not flakes, and that we pack class time full of information, then please endeavor to trust the process. I know it's hard. We will look at the letters we receive and hone the details from there. (You could include in your letter a suggestion of what you'd most like to see, and I will see if we can accommodate that request).
  • I can see 3 main options for how class time can go, prior to starting supervised clinic:
  1. More informal, cheaper, funner, and less homework heavy would be study groups. I see these costing about $10 per class hour. The last time I did this (and loved it) it looked like me choosing study topics and the students coming back with reports on that topic and me giving feedback. This is best for general advanced herbal interest, and while I saw the improvement it made in my students' knowledge it is not strictly clinical. Things like book reports, fun medicine making projects, etc.. Probably one day per month.
  2. More structure, tons of guided self study, more like formal case study, more of me downloading info as you've seen me do before. This would cost about $20-25 per class hour I expect. Possibly we would see live clients as a group, depending what level the participants are at. Certainly we would look at cases on paper, and we would review some easy ones that you are seeing outside of class. Formulation, advanced Mat Med, contras, pathophys, would be some things we would discuss. Either one 2-3 day weekend per month for 6 or more months, or else bunched up into 2 or 3x 5 day intensives with gaps in between. This class is aimed at advanced students who know they want to become herbal practitioners.

  • 3. Some kind of intensive small group program which looks more like an apprenticeship. Field trips, medicine making, longterm commitment, magical herbs, flower essences, lots of hours. $10-15 per class hour. More like #1 but over a long period. We'd really get to know each other! This would be less clinical and more magical, but some of you would presumably eventually head in the direction of more clinic if you wanted, and you'd learn so much. I think this would be the closest to my eventual 1200 hour program. Probably good for any serious herb nerd who has time and money to devote to their passion. more...